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Note to Educators:

Hi, my name is Bob Patterson.  My company, Ed-Pub Ohio, is an independent publishers’ representative serving K-12 in Ohio.  We represent National Geographic/Hampton Brown, Larson’s Big Ideas Math and several other fine publishers in Ohio. My objective is to help you solve problems by being a resource with either products or information.  If we don’t carry a product that meets your need I will be happy to recommend someone who does…even a competitor.

I know your resources are scarce and your time even more so.  For this reason I am utilizing this blog format, e-mail and Web 2.0 technology to make it easier, faster and more efficient to evaluate products. I promise not to waste your (and your staff’s) time by dropping by to push the “deal of the week”.  I know you don’t have time for that and frankly I don’t either. If you hear from met it’s because I have (or know of something) that may benefit you or your school.

Sometimes I may send you a link back to this site for a short online demon station or a detailed post about some news, a new product or free resource provided by one of our companies. The whole ideas is to provide you with the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Of course I’m always available and happy to meet with you in person for presentations, needs analysis or in-service.

Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail if I can be of service.


Bob Patterson

Our Companies:

National Geographic / Hampton Brown

Big Ideas Learning

Blue Star Education

Evan – Moor

Connect With Kids


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